Monstro the whale

Monstro the Whale is a massive beast that was once under the control of the Friends on the Other Side.

Description and biographyEdit

This giant sperm whale was corrupted by the Friends from a calm and powerful good whale into a savage, evil, and malicious heartless of a whale. It collects the souls of the fish it eats for pure fun.

When Monstro was a good whale, it was first found sleeping nearby some Merbabies and other creatures. When the sea slug tickled him, it nearly swallowed the merbabies, before sneezing. The Friends noted it's enormous size and giant mouth and then corrupted it, in hopes that it could claim more victims on the seas.

Monstro was first used by the Friends for trying to kill Mickey and friends, in hopes that Disney's icons would be finally killed off. However, it failed.

Later, noticing the Italian carpenter Gepetto looking for his son, the Friends used it to eat Gepetto, Figaro and Cleo. However, they survived, and when Monstro ate Pinocchio, he helped his family find a way out, but Monstro chased them. Eventually, Pinocchio managed to defeat Monstro by having it slam into a cliff and in the impact was slain for good, its own soul collected by the Friends but saved for future usage in their special case storage just in case they need to use a powerful sea monster against the High Council's Sea Brigades.