Monstropolis's Main Street.

Home world


Type of location

City/World (very small world entirely covered with the city)


Originally an empty dimension found and colonized by the Monsters.


Home to the Monsters who fled the Other Side.

Monstropolis is the vast, futuristic city home to the Monsters.

History and descriptionEdit

Long ago, the Friends discovered a very easy way to collect a lot of fear energy: to scare a very emotive kind of people, namely young childrens. For that purpose, they created hideous-looking monsters who were asked to go in the various worlds to scare children and collect the energy. But, though they liked to scare, the Monsters were not evil as the Friends expected them to become; they didn't want to help the Friends in their plot to darken the whole multiverse into a gigantic hell, so they escaped through a portal to an empty world they had heard about. Starting from nothing, they created Monstropolis, a futuristic city for them to live in peacefully. But a city such as this one needed energy to sustain itself, and the only kind of energy the monsters knew about was the fear energy. Using portals created for this purpose by using their knewledge of magic acquired from the Friends, the Monsters then daily visited a magicless world, where they scared children every night to collect energy. But the Friends fear the High Council and anything good; for that reason, when the Monsters lived with the Friends, they had been conditionned to fear and avoid anything that resembled a High Council agent. Being pure and kind by nature, children then inspired great fear to the Monsters.

Happily, thanks to some backstage nudge in the right direction from the High Council, the Monsters eventually discovered that they could get even more energy through making children laugh, and definitely abandonned their scary roots.

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