Morgana is the younger sister of Ursula and a client of the Friends, having made deals with them to obtain the last few vials of Ursula's magic as well as learn her own brand of dark magic.

History and DescriptionEdit

Morgana's plot was essentially to try and repeat the success of her sister's earlier plan by stealing the trident and using it to conquer the oceans. The difference in motivations was to prove herself as far worthier of Chernabog's attention than Ursula, which led to her gaining an inferiority complex and spelled her doom after underestimating the resolve of those she manipulated into giving her the trident. When King Triton froze her in a giant icecube, she was kept alive in perpetual agony, unable to die due to the unique circumstances of her prison. Though she failed to pay off her debt, one of the higher-ups in the Dark Master Sequel division saw it fit to break Morgana free from her icy prison out of interest for her deeds, using Evil Manta to do so.

Nowadays, Morgana serves the Dark Masters as a reformatted Third-Class Agent usually on assignment in oceanic worlds, though she still bears her rivalry-grudge against her sister for continually earning the praise of the Friends which she feels rightfully belongs to her.