Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse or rat from the Funny Animal World, and a member of Pete's gang of criminals who consistently pester Mickey and his friends throughout the ages.

History and DescriptionEdit

It is unknown which era the Devils first recruited Mortimer to their side, but it is known that at one point he was the ex-boyfriend and possible suitor of Minnie Mouse until she rejected him due to his rude, arrogant behavior. Although she and her new boyfriend Mickey Mouse had a couple of encounters with him afterwards, they ultimately forgot about him entirely due to not wanting associate themselves with such a rotten memory, and Mortimer found himself dragged into the Wasteland.

While there, Mortimer was approached by the Devils, who played to his jealousy and greed to get him on their side. To ensure that he would be forever in their debt much like Pete and the Big Bad Wolf before him, they directed him to a Fountain of Youth, which, when he drunk from its waters, granted him immortality, allowing him to live forever. Then, to ensure his presence in the mortal realm, the Devils began manipulating people into remembering Mortimer, allowing him to regain his heart and escape the Wasteland.

Nowadays, Mortimer serves as a very persistent threat to Mickey's Main Possee, always causing trouble by trying to win Minnie's love or going the extra mile into supervillainy. Unfortunately, his immortality has caused him to grow soft as well, and he can be easily persuaded after foiling his plans to leave the team alone for a little while...until the next time, that is. Mortimer is a bit squeamish about claiming lives, though, which left him quite a debt owed to the Devils, until Pete was forced to pay for him, which has since led to a rift between the two scoundrels to this day.