Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus
Home of the gods
Vital statistics
Type Headquarters
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Location Greece
Inhabitants Greek gods, High Council members, good legendary beasts, fairies, etc

The home of the gods and the base of operations for the High Council, it is the reflection of the Underworld and the upper part of the Sheol. It was later altered into a heavenly place by the Olympian Gods.

Description and history Edit

Mount Olympus wasn't always the peaceful home of the good gods that it is today. Long ago, the area where Mount Olympus and the fairy land around it are now located were nothing but dark swamps and crumbling forest, and Mount Olympus itself looked an awful lot like Bald Mountain. At the time, the Olympus-Underworld world was known as Sheol. Without the god's benefic influence, the Sheol was an old, dark, crumbling and decaying place, whose only inhabitated place was a huge network of old decaying caves, lightened by a magical fiery pit located in the center of the main cave, which was also where Satan , king of the Devils, had his court. When Chernabog murdered Satan and took the lead of the Devils, he left the Sheol along with all his subjects for the Other Side. A little later, the young Olympian gods discovered the abandonned Sheol and repaired the surface, making it their citadel in their war agains other divinities, the Titans led by Chronos.  It was on Mount Olympus that the High Council of Heroes was formed to watch over and protect the Disney multiverse from the attacks of the Friends.

Geography Edit

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia, which is appropriate for a home of the gods. Pieria, the northern foot of Olympus, is the home of the Muses. The areas surrounding the mountain are full of lush trees. In fact, the mountain itself is made of solid rock whlie the rest of it is made of clouds. There are a few waterfalls flowing from the mountain.


Gates of Olympus
The golden gates of Olympus were forged by the blacksmith god, Hephaestus. High Council agents and souls not claimed by the Devils can enter these gates. Some High Council agents are assigned missions to guard the gates to ensure no villains enter.

The palaces of the Gods are where the gods personally live. Zeus's palace not just serves as his home, but as a meeting place for the High Council. After all, the palace is so big that Zeus thought of using one of the spare rooms in the palace as a meeting room for the High Council to discuss on how to defeat the dark forces.


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