Mufasa with cub Simba
Mufasa when he was alive.

Other Names

God of the Rain
His Highness
The King of the Pride Lands
The Wise One


The Lion King


High Council of Heroes


Working with the High Council as God of the Rain in the Pride Lands

Mufasa was a lion from the Lion King world .

Description and biographyEdit

Mufasa was once a talking lion, king of the Pride Lands, in the Lion King world. As far as anyone could remember, there had never been such a wise, generous and intelligent monarch leading the country. The High Council wasn't the cause of it, but watched these news with interest. They weren't the only one concerned with Mufasa's health, though. His brother Scar, for far less virtuous purposes, was too. But while the High Council only wished that he would live as long as possible for the Pride Lands's sake, Scar wanted his brother dead to take over the throne. The evil lion eventually put his plan into action and killed Mufasa. The High Council reacted by two independant actions: they sent two agents to look after Mufasa's son, Simba, who had been exiled by Scar; and they elevated Mufasa to the rank of a god (more precisely, God of the Rain) in the same way some dead villains had been taken to the Inner Circle by the Friends.

He was sent by the High Council to speak to Simba in order to help him gain courage to return to the Pride Lands and defeat Scar after his ascension. When Scar was defeated, Mufasa restored the weather to normal and the Pride Lands flourished again with help from the Spring Sprite. He still continues to watch over the Pride Lands and his son.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a mortal lion, Mufasa's only assets were his physical strength and his wisdom. However, after he became God of the Rain, he could change weather as he pleased. The reason why the Pride Land were in a so much pitiful state when Scar had taken it over was because Mufasa had willingly put bad weather on the country to weaken Scar's influence (the leader of a diseased country is always less popular than the leader of a thriving nation). 

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