Mushu is a guardian dragon from ancient China who, like the ancestor spirits, protect those the High Council deems important in keeping the forces of evil at bay.

Background Edit

Mushu, like all Chinese dragons, used to be a minor guardian of water bodies in training until the High Council and the ancestor spirits recruited him to be a guardian for the Fa family.

  • Mushu himself is an interesting case. Originally a spirit in training, he was promoted to full guardian when Fa Deng went to war because the other family guardians were busy protecting other members. However, Mushu hadn't learned everything necessary about being a good guardian, and due to being a "European" in China, Fa Deng was accidentally killed in combat. For his mistake, Mushu was demoted to Gong ringer, where the friends played to his resentment and lust for glory to lure him to trick the anscestors into letting him be Mulan's guardian dragon. The friends were sure that if he were around the chinese military, Mushu would make an even bigger mistake that would deliver China to Shan-Yu. Surprisingly, Mushu with the help of Cri-kee managed not only to keep Mulan alive, but ended up helping to save all of China. Though the first ancestor grumbled, the rest of the ancestors graciously gave him a full guardian rank.
    • Mushu's ego and pride though ended up with him getting into more serious trouble with the friends, as the marriage of Mulan and Li Shang meant that ancient tradition left him without active assignment. In fear and anger, the friends manipulated him to try to sabotage Mulan's marriage. However, when he succeeded, he realized the error of his attempts to take away Mulan's happiness. He helped mend the relationships, and due to the merger of ancestral spirits, was reinstated as guardian within the ranks.

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