"Natural" magic is a term that refers to both energies or forces that are part of the Normal Side of the Disney multiverse (as opposed to the Other Side) and magic performed by manipulating these forces.


Natural Magic existed before the multiverse did. It is what the gods used to create the first worlds of the Normal Side, though it continued creating without them afterwards.


Such magic is inherently good and always tries to make sure that good is rewarded and evil is punished. Several members and agents of the High Council use natural magic, and the gods can use more of it - and thus accomplish more impressive feats with it - than anyone else in the multiverse. Some actually use both natural and dark magic. The Force is made of both Natural and Dark Magic. Such magic is usually learned as opposed to Dark magic which is given by the Devils. It is rarely given since most heroes need other skills.

Rules of Natural Magic Edit

  1. Natural Magic is given to those who are worthy of using it.
  2. Natural Magic is learned, opposed to simply being given.
  3. Aside from humans, anthropomorphic animals can be given natural magic.
  4. Natural Magic works like a pay-in-advance deal. The user must keep doing good deeds as a sort of prepayment. The Council looks at the heart of the person and sees that he or she is not swayed by power.

Notes on Natural Magic in other MultiversesEdit

Some universes in the Exoverse and beyond have a reversed polarity in them, where Natural magic is Evil. Examples include YVWH's universe and the Shrek world. Naturally, these realms are breeding grounds for YVWH's Divine Hierarchy. In some realms, the use of natural magic is so twisted and eldritch it seems useless, or that it is little different from dark magic. The multiverse of Dingo Pictures is an example.