Negaduck the Second is a Genome Crime-Lord from the C.C.C world, more specifically the Negaverse dimension, who is allied to the Friends on the Other Side as a powerful asset in the war against the High Council.


Someone as sadistic and effective as Negaduck would be an asset to the Friends, but he's so Ax Crazy that they worry if he had magic he might become too difficult to control. So they offer him intimidation similar to Shere Kahn's: he frightens people who have no reason to be afraid of him (eg, he revs his chainsaw and even the Liquidator and Bushroot back down, despite the weapon’s ineffectiveness on them). After he conquered the Negaverse, they gave him a portal into Darkwing's universe, hoping for a repeat performance. 

  • Mega Negaduck

    Mega Negaduck

    Despite appearing to die when the Universal Plug was pulled, Negaduck was revealed to have survived his near destruction thanks to the Friends, and has recently teamed up with Magica De Spell to destroy Darkwing Duck by using an army of corrupted alternate-dimension counterparts of the caped mallard to run-amok on St. Canard. Negaduck's plan was foiled when the Tron Splitter split him into two, then split his mega darkside into thousands of negdauck particles. The Friends were unwilling to let this particles go to waste. So, they bonded the Negaduck partciles to the Shadow Blot's Hate Plague ink, and then used that ink to give Negaduck the Shadow Blot's ink malleability powers, which he used to take over the Shadow Blot's schemes for his own personal gain. Unfortunately, this led to his defeat when Darkwing exposed the truth of Negaduck's true feelings behind his rampages, sealing him away in an alternate version of St. Canard alongside the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and the Phantom Blot. The Friends are currently looking for a way to free Negaduck from his prison.

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