One of the Children of Typhon and the brother of the Hydra and Cerberus, this leonine Agent is a force to be reckoned with.

Background Edit

As one of Typhon's children and a worshipper of the Friends, the Nemean Lion has always been leading most of the evil felines in spreading the messages of despair and bloodshed. Sometime ago, he set up his home in Nemea, terrorizing the inhabitants there until Hercules showed up and defeated the monster. Shortly after that, the Friends collected his soul and allowed him to join his father and brothers in the Underworld to continue his work of collecting souls of the people he just ate. Even today, cats who support the Friends worship the Nemean Lion as their patron deity.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Nemean Lion has a hide so strong that no mortal weapon can pierce through. His claws are sharp enough to cut through armor.

Other facts Edit

For some reason, he resembles Scar from 'The Lion King'.

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