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Neverland is a location from the Peter Pan world.


Neverland is a strange island in the sky ruled by the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan. It is a land of childish adventure, home to a number of Lost Boys. The levels of good magic here are nearly astronomical, meaning the Devils have little opportunity for influence here (except for Captain Hook and his pirate crew). Neverland is used by the High Council as a safe haven for children who need to be evacuated from other locations due to the war with Peter keeping it safe from invasion by Hook.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Peter Pan and the Lost BoysTheir number varies through the years. The Lost Boys are orphans from lots of different worlds, saved and brought to Neverland by Peter.
  • Mermaids: Rather vain magical creatures, brought in Neverland by Peter Pan because he likes being admired.
  • Pixies: Tiny winged fairies, very numerous, governed by Queen Clarion ever since Neverland existed. The pixies are created by the pure good magic generated when a baby laughs for the first time. The High Council uses them as a way to make the seasons happen in this world.
  • Captain Hook and the Pirates: Pirates from the XVIIIth century who got trapped into Neverland after a storm without any way of coming back to the real world. Hook, by far the meanest of them all, wasn't originally their captain (he used to be only the first mate), but quickly took the job after the pirates's arrival. They are, of course, related to the Friends on the Other Side, who have lately recruited Hook.
  • The Tick-Tock Crocodile: A neutral sentient but not anthropomorphic crocodile who is always chasing after Captain Hook to eat him. He isn't affiliated to either side of the War, but the High Council occasionally increase his speed or his strenght because a mortal nemesis to the only Friends's agent around is good news for them. 

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