Non-Sentient Lifeforms are lifeforms noted by not having a soul.



Though the specifics vary from one world to another, in almost every world plants and other vegetables are non-sentient.   There are some counter-examples, but they are really few.

Microorganisms Edit

Microorganisms are small organisms that are non-sentient in seemingly all but one world.


In some of the most "realistic" worlds, animals also lack a soul, but this isn't a norm; many, many worlds's animals have a soul in the exact same sense as human beings, be they anthropomorphic or not. For instance, Pluto from the C.C.C. world is a non-speaking animal but still has a soul and emotions. Several worlds run on the "some animals have souls, others don't", such as Narnia. However, within the broader Megaverse, the lack of a soul for them is true. 


Like the animals, the robots of some worlds lack a soul, but there are also worlds where sufficiently advanced robots are granted a soul and worlds where any mechanical machine, be it an A.I. or not, still has a soul anyway

Role in the warEdit

These are not very important to the Friends for the most part, though they can be easily converted into troops.

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