Rabbit oswald


Oswald is a unique case. Originally one of the first agents for The High Council, he was originally lost to time, before being sent to the wasteland, the purgatory and nursery of the Disney multiverse in order to protect it from the Friends. Despite his position though, he grew resentful of his more popular and favored younger brother Mickey Mouse, and after Mickey’s accident with the paint and thinner while training with Yen Sid, The Wasteland was ravaged by two menaces: the Shadow Blot, and the traitorous Mad Doctor. Fighting the two for a long time and guarding a glass jug containing much of the Blot's essence, Oswald's grudge grew worse and when Mickey arrived to help, he was tempted to seize an opportunity to get out with Mickey's heart. However, he kept to his mission and after defeating the Shadow Blot, the two reconciled, Wasteland was restored and Oswald regained his beloved Ortensia who had been taken by the Blot years before. Oswald remains in Wasteland to protect it, but Yen Sid is allowing him to come and go as he pleases, rotating duties with fellow Wastelander Julius the Cat, as he slowly is regaining his heart. After having constructed his own Disneyland, he may soon visit the real thing.

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