The Other Side of the Disney multiverse, also known as the Dark Side, and the Nightmare Realm, is the home of the Devils.

Description and historyEdit

The Other Side is an entire universe full of darkness, discovered by Chernabog a short time before he discovered the existence of the Olympian Gods and their will to take him down. When he eventually learned about the Olympians, it prompted his departure from the decaying world known as Sheol that he had lived in until this moment.

In there, the Devils manage the souls they've collected, and make them into Fear Energy and Miscellaneous Friends

The Other Side is illuminated by a green unnatural light, the only one the Friends can stand without damage, and which provides them in energy. Contrary to most of the worlds who either look like our universe, with solar systems and planets, or magical countries with a ground, like Neverland or Wonderland, the Other Side is shapeless and is a place in which it is easy to create portals to other worlds. It must be noted that any mortals placed in the Other Side would die right away and be, willingly or not, recruited by the Friend as a new soldier. The Olympian Gods themselves are not too sure whether they could spend too long in the Other Side without damage.

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