Pain and Panic

Pain and Panic

Pain and Panic
are a pair of imps that serve Hades. They used to serve Satan until Chernabog's revolt.

Description Edit

Pain is a fat, red-shaded demon, and Panic is skinny and blue-green. Pain is bossy, hot-tempered and sly, but also clumsy, impulsive and liable to get into painful situations, and seems to be less intelligent than Panic. Panic, on the other hand, is paranoid, twitchy, panicky, and easily spooked, as his name suggests, but he appears to be relatively smart and is very cautious.

Biography Edit

Apparently when Chernobog revolted against the Devil and brought the rest of the devils to the Other Side, Pain and Panic, along with some other imps were left behind. Hades found them and made them work for him during the days when he used to serve in the High Council.

Later on, when Hades felt resentful about his position, the imps recommended him to Chernobog. Then, they tried to help Hades get rid of Hercules, such as transforming into snakes to kill him when he was an infant. The duo told Hades that Hercules died for fear that he might punish them. They help Hades spy on the heroes by assuming the form of animals. When Hades fell into the river Styx, Pain and Panic watched him sink, and hoped that he won't return.

Powers and abilities Edit

Both Pain and Panic can shapeshift into many forms. They are also immortal, which can be a problem since Hades always tortures them.

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