Percival McLeach
Percival McLeach grimly grinning

Real Name

Percival McLeach


The Rescuers


Friends on the Other Side


Resurrected, working with the Friends

Percival McLeach was formerly a human from the The Rescuers world, now converted into a permanent traveler.

Biography and descriptionEdit

McLeach was once in his home world a homeless orphan with a ruthless behavior who fled the orphanage the day he turned 13. Living in the Australian bush for years, he became a poacher who catched rare Australian animals and selled them to traffickers in little towns. His greatest goal had always been to catch Marahute the Golden Eagle, force of goodness and nature whose ancestor was created by the High Council a very long time ago. Of course, McLeach wasn't aware of this mystical origin and importance. All he saw was a beautiful, gigantic eagle waiting to be killed and selled as a trophy. The Friends, who had always kept an eye on the wicked poacher anyway, were too happy to have an occasion of getting rid of Marahute, and discretly helped McLeach by sending him some ferocious agents to help him in getting rid of Cody. They also secretly hoped that, by making Cody disappear, they would lure Bernard and Bianca, their main enemies in the Rescuers world, into approaching McLeach, and planned to help him killing the mice if it actually happened. However, nothing worked as expected and McLeach was eventually killed in a waterfall, despite the Friends' efforts to save him (notably by ordering the Crocodiles not to touch him).

After his death, he was resurected by the Friends who thought his poaching abilities could be useful. They gave him the powers of a traveler and asked him to bring chaos by catching animals in one world and releasing them only in another, if at all. Such a thing happened to Iago, who, while born in the Donald Duck universe (which is why he's a talking and sentient being), was captured by McLeach and sold in Agrabah as a pet animal. Actually, a lot of cameos from animals in the Disney Universe can be explained by the old poacher's activities. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

When he was alive, McLeach's main powers were his physical strength, not incredible but quite big for a normal human being, his shooting skills, his intelligence, his great knowledge of the Australian bush, and his gigantic mechanical truck, which he had built himself out of broken mechanical pieces stolen here and there. 

Now, as a traveler, he has all the abilities of a traveler (for a more accurate description of a Traveler's powers, see the main page in question). 

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