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Pete is a anthropomorphic cat or bear from the Funny Animal World.

Biography and descriptionEdit

Mickey has been a long-standing agent of the benevolent forces opposing the Friends. Pete was their answer to that. According to a Goof Troop episode and some comics, Pete's most ancient incarnations (most of them being his ancestors) existed during prehistoric times, the first Pete ever having battled the first Goofy. Finding that Pete had a great potential as a villain, the Friends continued to reincarnate him at various time periods, in which he started to encounter Mickey Mouse's ancestors (some of them also being incarnations of Mickey himself), the High Council's champion. Eventually, the contemporary Pete and the contemporary Mickey met together in Nouvelle-France (a state of the U.S.A. which exists only in the Funny Animal World — don't search it on a map, you wouldn't find) when he was captain of the Guard. There it was evidenced that Pete is fundamentally evil, and that even as a newborn, he was already like that, given that his own mother abandoned him. This definitive Pete was finally contacted by the Friends who told him their goal and his history. They offered him immortality and a chance to get revenge. The Friends also meant to give him magic powers, but he was too dumb to use them the right way, so they decided not to go with that idea ( for the most part)

Fortunately, Pete's immortality meant he started letting his constant losses get to him. He mellowed out considerably, much to the frustration of the Friends, who couldn't touch him since he paid off his debt. Right now he's still rough around the edges, but mostly harmless (as seen in recent comics, Goof Troop and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). But then again, he is still a major player of the Inner Circle, and he may strike back yet. And alternate Petes remain just as merciless as he once was.


  • It must be noticed that the Ghost of Christmas Future in Mickey's Christmas Carol was not him, but a more benevolent spirit taking on his form to give himself an intimidating air, since the future was supposed to scare Scrooge. The same spirit has also been known to take on the form of Queen Grimhilde's hag form for the same purpose in an alternate continuity.
  • Since Pete was losing his naughtiness, the Friends tried twice to create "beta" versions of him, following two different paths: the Mad Doctor was fully relying on schemes and intelligence, while the Big Bad Wolf was on the contrary an embodiment of Pete's ability to always use his bare strength to solve his problems. However, as if it was a natural flaw of any Pete they could create, both the Doctor and the Big Bad Wolf eventually turned nice (in Epic Mickey 2 for the Doc, in some comics for the BBW).