The Pink Elephants, the Heffalumps and the Woozles are a group of skeletal and ghostly elephants and weasels (and occasionally other creatues).

Biography and descriptionEdit

They're agents of the Friends that infilitrate the dreams of innocent people to scare them and collect Fear Energy . The chief of their first group, the Pink Elephants, is the one made of elephant heads, Headlephant. The Pink Elephants initially sought to take control of Dumbo's sorrow and make a Heartless out of him, preventing the High Council from getting a great flyer. The Heffalumps and Woozles are similar to the Pink Elephants, and so far the only agents of the Friends to be able to penetrate the Hundred Acre Woods (although they were unable to cause any damage, just to unnerve the inhabitants). However, the Hundred Acre Woods has on them a special influence which gradually makes them lose their villainy; some of them even totally switch their side and are now Winnie's friends, like Lumpy. Also within the H&W ranks lay Jagulars, Wizzles, and Lesser Backsons.  Roar Omega Roar are a similar group of beings, who devise devious scare techniques on innocents.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

When outside the dreamworld, they can only count on their somehow disturbing appearance, the rubber-like abilities of their bodies, and their bare physical strength. On the contrary, when inside the dream world, they can break all physical and logical law, change size and shape, multiply…

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