Pixie Dust


Peter Pan, Disney Fairies

Made by

Pixie Dust Tree, grinding Mother Dove's feathers


Various abilities can be granted


Useless when exposed to water



Pixie Dust is a magical golden glitter-like powder that grants the abilities of flight. However, flight is fueled by "happy thoughts", and a sad man, even with Pixie Dust, cannot fly. 

Description Edit

There are two types of dust. From the Tinker Bell movies, "pixie dust" flows from the heart of the Pixie Dust Tree. From the Pixie Hollow books, following the Pixie Dust Tree's destruction, "fairy dust" is created by grinding the molten features of Mother Dove. In its common appearance, Pixie Dust is nothing more than a golden, sparkling powder. This dust comes from special blue pixie dust which replenishes the supply. As a golden color, it enables pixies to fly. Blue dust is shown to be a powerful augment and rejuvenator. However, there are also other colors of pixie dust revealed/created in the movies of the franchise, such as green, pink, orange, teal, yellow, and purple, each granting a fairy a talent or augmenting one, most of them being created by mixing the primary two Pixie Dusts together in a chemical way, and adding other elements such as flowers of various flowers, water… If a fairy's wings get wet, pixie dust cannot replenish them until they are dry. Fairies need their wings to fly, but can't fly if they haven't pixie dust (apparently, the main use of their wings is to direct them when they are in the air, despite being toovweak to allow them to fly just with them). 

Role in the Disney WarEdit

The Devils destroyed the Pixie Dust Tree sometime after the events of the Peter Pan movie in an attempt to cripple the fairies's power. The fairies discovered that by grinding Mother Dove's molten feathers, they can make pixie dust again. Peter Pan believes there may be another seed of the Pixie Dust Tree. Counterfeit "Pixie Dust" is avaliable in Toontown as a "Toon-Up".


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