The Cat Prosecutor

The Dream Cats are Nightmare Soldiers in service to the Friends on the Other Side, and some of Pluto's personal adversaries.

History and DescriptionEdit

It is a main given in the Disney Universe that most cats are mean, and dream cats, especially those seemingly dreamt up by one of their biggest enemies, Pluto the Pup, are no exception. But in reality, Pluto wasn't dreaming. He really did go to Hell after having his soul being tricked into chasing after one of their own.

Led by the Cat Prosecutor, also known as Wane Solbf, the Dream Cats work in an area above the Underwold called Hypnosus, where the dead often flow into the minds of the sleeping. They get souls for the Friends through holding mock trials, and during Pluto's own trial, each of the "victim" cats were souls used by the friends to try and frame Pluto, when in reality they fell victim to the Friends themselves.

Thankfully, the High Council rescued Pluto from Hell before the cat demons got him with the Hot Seat by having the Blue Fairy use her magic to teleport Pluto's astral soul back to his body just as the appropriate time so as to make the whole excursion seem like nothing more than a dream.