Alice in front of the Rabbit Hole, a permanent portal to Wonderland.


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Portal is a proeminent item in the Disney multiverse.


A portal is some kind of a magical gateway which connects two different worlds. It usually consists of two or more gateways, with an object (or person) entering one gateway leaving via the other instantaneously. Portals can be either permanent or created by strong magic. They are the most common and easy way of travel in the Disney Multiverse.

List of portalsEdit

  • The Rabbit Hole (from Alice in Wonderland)  The entrance is a normal rabbit hole, although a bit larger than usual. After a few steps inside, the traveler falls into what appears to him to be a hole, and which is the real portal. He then ends up in a pit located in Wonderland, which leads to a cave that the White Rabbit turned into his personal home. The Rabbit Hole can only be used in one way, though. 
  • The Smoke Cloud (from Alice in Wonderland too)  Temporary portal that the Caterpillar can create. It is one of the only way back to the real world once you're in Wonderland.
  • The Wood between the World (from The Nightmare before Christmas)  Not technically a portal but a place in which many portals are located. Each of these portals leads to the magical world of a Holiday. When he enters the portal, the traveler falls one short moment into what seems to be a dark endless pit, and then finds himself in one of the corners of the world. There isn't really any leaving portals, and these portals apparently only work in one way. You can't come back by where you came, you have to find a separate portal to your world. 

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