The 7 princesses

The Princesse of Heart are a group in the Kingdom Hearts universe. They're pretty much this universe's version of the Disney Princess.

Description and historyEdit

When this universe's Zeus realized the threat of Master Xehanort and the Heartless, he used his powers of light to give 8 young maidens extraordinary powers of goodness to combat the threat of the Friends. The maidens are this universe's versions of Snow White, CinderellaAurora, Ariel, Belle, JasmineAlice and Kairi. After Xehanort's defeat in Kingdom Hearts II, the High Council of this universe decided to keep the Princesses along for the war effort by using them as healers and agents. Like for the main universe, Fa Mulan is often seen with them, leading many people to assume she's one of them. In reality, she's assigned by the High Council to protect them, as their best female warrior. She often works undercover, dressing in a similar style so people will underestimate her. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Even when they lose their heart, they don't become Heartless, becose they are pure good and have no darkness in them.
  • They can feel the Evil's representants in this world (the Heartless). It is unknown if they can feel the Friends coming, since they're from another universe. 
  • Their heart can merge together in an artifical keyblade, the Keyblade of Heart.


  • Originally, they were created in Kingdom Hearts in order to have a canonical plot explanation of the usual marketing groupment of the seven Disney princesses who are supposed to be from different worlds.

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