The Projector-Screened Chernabog is a double of Chernabog residing in a magical Projector Screen from Wasteland. He is currently passive but may be awakened by his real counterpart.

Description and biographyEdit

The Projector Screens are magical screens showing in three dimensions filmed images of past moments, and they feature copies of the original characters that were filmed. As long as real people don't interact with them, they'll just remake the storyline of the film, imitating what their real-life counterpart had done, without doing anything by themselves. But if someone talks to them, they start to react and to separate themselves from the movie. One of the films happens to show a 3D copy of Chernabog. As we write, nobody has tried yet to give him full existence and to make him come out of the projector screen. But who knows… Perhaps the real Chernabog plans to do so in the near future ? Oswald should better watch this reel closely, for sure !

Powers and abilitiesEdit

What makes him dangerous is that he is, contrarly to Chernabog the Lesser, an exact double oef Chernabog and has the same powers, but as not born as a Friend is not limitated by the usual restrictions (he can shows up when he wants in every world), but has the restriction of a mortal (he can die).Happily, he hasn't been "awaken" and isn't a real danger so far.

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