Professor Ratigan

 An animatronic version of the Queen is a bit advanced for Victorian Era London... The Friends gave Ratigan the plans for the robot (since they couldn't give him magic) and pointed out someone he could kidnap to build it without drawing too much attention to himself. His advanced gifts are why Basil failed to catch him for so long, not to mention his status as a Diabolical Mastermind. His many sucessful capers helped the friends fund several mercenaries on their team, but Ratigan's plans for the queen would have granted them a steady stream of mouse souls. His extended work with the Friends also twisted his mind so much though, that whenever he became enraged he would revert to his more bestial nature, explaining his transformation at the end. Unfortunately, when Ratigan fell off Big Ben that night, the Friends knew he would never be quite the client they could hope for, and they finally got to collect his soul. That is until the events of House of Mouse where he was revealed to be still alive, as Jafar decided he needed another pet, taking on Ratigan to help plan both for the Inner Circle and for himself...

  • The bell Ratigan possessed was yet another gift from the Friends. As stated above, the Friends couldn't provide Ratigan with magic, but what they could provide him with was a bell that allowed the user to cause misfortune to whomever they wished. Ratigan, for the most part, wasted this power away, using it mainly to summon Felicia (who was an agent assigned to Ratigan) and to get his minions to carry out his will. Basil eventually figured out the power of the bell, using it to cause Big Ben to ring, thus resulting in Ratigan's death. Knowing the effect the bell's power had on Ratigan, however, Basil has chosen to simply hide it under his care so that the Friends can never regain control of the cursed bell rather than use it himself and risk warping his mind like the bell did on Ratigan.
  • Bill the Lizard was one of the friendlier citizens of Wonderland, but after his encounter with Alice, after hearing of the Friends, he asked them for a chance, tired of getting stepped on by the likes of Dodo. To prove himself, the Friends assigned him as a freelance agent to keep an eye on Ratigan with Felicia as he carried out the evil rat's plans. By the death of Ratigan, however, Bill decided that maybe he should go back to his chimney sweep lifestyle after hearing of Ratigan's transformation. His cousin, Wart, however was last heard to be working with a criminal named Fat Cat.