Sarousch is a Client of the Devils from the world of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

History and DescriptionEdit

Sarousch was in truth a distant relative of the Frollo family, and considered a pathetic failure by Judge Claude due to his decision to go into the circus/thievery business rather than law and the clergy. Sarousch was also a closet worshiper of the Devils who sought to earn their favor by taking away one of Paris' sacred treasures, La Fidele, and sell it on the black market for a pretty penny. However, due to his lack of true cunning and inability to predict that his own ward, the trapeze artist Madelleine, would betray him out of love for Quasimodo, Sarousch's plot failed miserably and he was left to rot in prison as the Devils were unimpressed with him overall.

Nonetheless, the Devils did provide Sarousch with blueprints for illusion-casting similar to how they provided Dr. Facilier and Mysterio in their plans.