Scar, lord chamberlain of Pride Rock

He also made deals with the Friends, but was clever enough not to rack up a huge debt. Instead, he just asked for enough to charisma to control the hyenas and maybe for them to gather the wildebeests. When he became king, he would turn to the Friends to solve any problem the throne presented him in exchange for a few souls. The reason the Pride Lands went so far downhill is because so many souls were taken out of the Circle of Life as a result. By the time Simba comes back, the Pride Lands were so tapped out the Friends refuse to help Scar anymore. But Scar's charisma ended up winning the Friends' favor back to him, which led him to a minor position in the Inner Circle as a pet of the order (much to Scar's disgust). Not long afterwards, Chernabog warned Scar not to pull any more tricks to get what he wanted, or else end up like his counterpart in the Kingdom Hearts universe (a Heartless siege unit) and lose his soul forever. The Friends were responsible for the special effects of "Be Prepared" as a means of reflecting the monstrous ideals presented in the song. The reason his Villain Song was such an Ear Worm was because he was channeling his gift of charisma though it.

  • The reason why the Hyenas bothered to ally with Scar is because hyenas are also Friend worshippers. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed chose to follow Scar because he had good relations with Chernabog, and that's good news for them.

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