Scroop Israeli Hands is a client of the Devils from the world of Treasure Planet.

History and DescriptionEdit

This cutthroat Araknotaur pirate had been one of many criminals recruited by John Silver to serve as his crew of pirates in infiltrating the R.L.S. Legacy, and was by far the most ruthless and despicable of the lot. Therefore, he proved more willing to accept in-depth aid from the Devils once it was made clear that Mr. Silver was proving to be a dead end in their plans to seize the treasure of Captain Flint. Appealing to his bloodthirsty nature, the Devils, represented by BOB the Space Ghost, granted Scroop intimidation and the power to control the Heartless in exchange for kick-starting events that would force Silver to enact the mutiny as soon as possible and therefore the soul collection of all the crew members still loyal to Captain Amelia.

Scroop made good on his promise by cutting the lifeline to Mr. Arrow's rope during the black hole incident, though the Friends were unable to collect Arrow's soul due to him being saved after death by the High Council. Nonetheless, his subsequent mocking to Silver about his friendly connection with Jim Hawkins proved to be the key that forced the cyborg Ursid to move right then and there after Jim had found out about their plans. The Devils were pleased with the Araknotaur's efforts so far, but they were starting to grow impatient with his lack of results since Mr. Arrow had slipped out of their grasp in death, and now Jim and his compatriots were also this close to escaping them and finding the treasure first. Therefore, while the heroes were distracted with Silver's deal to Jim, Scroop received a mental ultimatum from the Devils about what would happen should he fail them, and was ordered to return to the ship to keep watch should Jim return to reclaim the map from the brig.

In the end, Jim was able to defeat Scroop after learning about his involvement in Mr. Arrow's passing, and made use of the Legacy's anti-gravitational field to push the spider-crab alien out of the ship, hurtling him into the empty vacuum of space, where after a bit of time floating in space, he was ambushed by some of BOB's fellow Space Ghosts, and had his soul harvested for having failed the Devils for the last time.

Scroop's soul, after some time of being tormented in the Other Side, was later revived and pulled out of the Soul Pit on request by the evil Emperor Zurg of Planet Z, who had use for the Araknotaur as an undead emissary of his galactic empire, rebranding him as a Third-Class Agent and head torturer of his so-called Z-Force.