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The Shady Sides are a kind of characters. They reside in the Wasteland.


The Shady Sides are the result of what classical characters could have been, but ended up non being. In-universe, they are meant to be what the characters would have become if some choices they made during they life had been different. Actually, the Shady Sides are modeled after abandonned concepts for the classical (and not-so classical) characters.

As forgotten things, the Shady Sides reside in Wasteland. However, they are weak creatures, as their existence is only granted by Yen Sid's magic and that they wouldn't have existed at all otherwise. Like all the other Wasteland citizens, they have no Toon Heart (and usually lack a heart at all).

A lot of Shady Sides are evil versions of characters who ended up being members of the High Council; then, they are of a great interest to the Friends/Devils, who constantly try to recruit them. Some Evil Elsas, The Evil Cheshire Cat and the Evil Yensid are fully on their side, but Dall (Shady Side of Dallben) and some other Wonderland Shady Sides, despite being evil, remain independent, sometimes even feral.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As they have only half of an existence, most of the Shady Sides are very weak compared to their real counterparts. That's partially why lots of them, even those who are not evil in the first place, make deals with the Friends to gain powers. Dall, however, prefers trying to rob the powers of his counterpart, which is mainly because as a wizard he is fully aware of how dangerous the Friends can be to their own agents. 

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The concept of alternate versions of classical characters residing in the Wasteland originaites from the video game Epic Mickey and its comic spin-offs. 
  • The name of Shady Side is fanmade but does not come from the TV trope Disney War theory; it originated on in the fanfiction Donald Duck and the Black Cauldron, written by "Master Pencil". 

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