Shan-Yu and Hayabusa

Much like Scar, he wasn't interested in the Friends as a way to gain magical power himself, but simply as a way to help him in his goals. Over the years, he bargained with them for power, strength, and luck (explaining how he survived the avalanche scene), and kept them happy by delivering them countless souls in his massacres. Over the years, he used them more and more, and their magical influence began twisting him and his armies, resulting in their slightly monstrous appearance. Unfortunately, his debt began to spiral out of control so he decided to invade China, attempting to appease the Friends by conquering and sacrificing a much more populous country. Much like with Facilier, the Friends simply lost faith in him and declined to bail him out of his final confrontation with Mulan. However, Shan-Yu asked for a reprieve, citing the number of souls he had delivered, and Chernabog decided to give the Hun leader a prominent position in training the armies of evil.