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Totally destroyed, to a level that makes him impossible to resurrect

 Sootini is a devil, and actually an alias of Satan.

Description and biographyEdit

A little cloud of smoke was what remained of Satan after Chernabog defeated him. This cloud, however, still contained the Devil's soul (after all, you can't expect to entirely destroy the Devil with fire, can you ?). Using his great powers, he managed to take back the appearance of a demon, although he was not entirely material and could not carry heavy things (which would pass through him). This led him to desire to absorb more and more smoke to become more and more dense. He created the alias of Sootini (actually, an anagram of Satan in arabic languages where only consonants  are written) and offered to work for Chernabog, actually secretly seeking revenge. Chernabog failed to recognise his old nemesis and assigned him to the task of recruiting clients in the world of Aladdin. He notably made deals with Mozenrath and Jafar.

However, his smoke constitution had given him a big weakness: water. Using rain, agents from the High Council managed to make him becoming a heap of cinder, which they locked up in a jar. Abis Mal, more than anyone else ignoring of the real nature of the creature he was dealing with, freed him and tried to use him as a minion. Sootini soon betrayed him, but was eventually totally destroyed thanks to a flood created by the Genie. However, the smoke cloud that Genie destroyed was only his physical manifestation. Satan-Sootini is now a shapeless ghost wandering about, waiting for a body to control.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As Sootini the Smoke Devil, Satan was able to divide himself in tiny versions, to cause fire and use pyrokinesis, and to fly. He could also rely on his gigantic physical strength.