Sorcerer Hat
Sorcerer hat



Made by

Yen Sid


Boosts magic, gives normal people magic powers




Potential for its magic to be abused


Yen Sid's tower, now in Mickey's possession

The Sorcerer Hat is a magical hat that is the source of Yen Sid and Mickey Mouse's powers. It can boost the magical power of any magic-using person or give a normal person magic powers. In the wrong hands, this seemingly harmless hat can be a deadly weapon, dangerous and life threatening. Currently, the Devils have their sights set on the hat in an attempt to boost their dark powers and win the Disney War. If they did gain the Sorcerer Hat, evil will triumph and the multiverse will be plunged in eternal darkness. The High Council though, would not let that happen. Their agents are currently conducting searches across the multiverse to find the hat before the Devils do.

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