The Souls are an important artifact in the Disney multiverse.


Every sentient being has a soul, be it human, animal and the like. The soul is the supreme essence of a sentient being, where its spirit, intelligence and emotion come from. The souls are most of the time immaterial and tied to a physical body when the character is alive; but when the body is destroyed, the soul becomes free. Sometimes, it becomes visible, under the form of a ghost. The souls used to all go to the Underworld until Hades switched sides, allied with the Friends on the Other Side and kicked all the virtuous souls out. Nowaday, most of the souls either come to the multiverse's Heaven or to its Hell. Some souls also remain on their Earth, willingly or not, under the form of ghosts.

Role in the Disney warEdit

Souls are also the main prize of the war. The Friends seek souls, as they gain power from the souls's emotions, and also sometimes resurrect the souls of the most evil mortals to make them join their troups. 

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