Stan and Heff are two Heffalumps and Woozles.

Biography and descriptionEdit

Stan and Heff are two of the Friends' Nightmare Soldiers. However, while invading the Hundred Acre Wood with other nightmare soldiers, they were contamined by the nature of this world and lost most of their evil, acting more as comedy villains than anything else. Being by far the most incompetent agents the Friends ever saw, they are always worry because Chernabog is really considering the idea of viring them…

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Stan and Heff never enter the dreams of any Hundred Acre Woods citizen, which make one wonder if they are able to do so or if paradoxically they are the only Nightmare Soldiers who don't manage to fulfill their very first function. At any rate, they try to be evil mainly through various crooky schemes which always fail. 

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