20121018144434!Stinky Pete the Prospector

Stinky Pete the Prospector

The Friends' first attempt to infiltrate the world of the Toys was with this bitter old Prospector. Playing on his anger over being left on the shelf while the more popular toys were bought up, they convinced him that it was best not to be played with, and just as they hoped, he joined Al's scheme to have Woody locked up in a museum. Pete proved a decent servant, nearly succeeding in separating Woody and Andy forever, before he was stopped by the other toys. Pete wasn't an official client, so the Friends simply let him go when he was defeated. Although Pete's new home may be a bit...rambunctious for his tastes, Woody and co. hope that one day he'll rediscover the joy in being a child's toy. The Friends, meanwhile, went on the search for a new agent in this world...

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