Supai under the form of a dark storm, about to be destroyed by Pacha in the alternate timeline

Real Name



The Emperor's New Groove (in an alternate timeline known as "Kingdom of the Sun")


Friends on the Other Side


Alive, serving the Friends in Wasteland

Supai is an Inca god from the Emperor's New Groove world. He now resides in Wasteland.

Biography and descriptionEdit

One of Chernabog's trump cards at the beginning of his war against the Olympian gods (who had not created the High Council of Heroes at the time) was that the Olympian gods were in bad terms with other divinities from other universes, and that it was easy for him to manipulate these divinities in fighting with him. Supai, God of Night from the Emperor's New Groove world (which had not gained this name yet, as Kuzco wasn't born yet), was one of them. Due to his dark nature, he felt a great deal of sympathy for the Friends, a far greater deal actually than he had ever felt for the other gods of his universe. Asking the Friends to increase his power, he declared himself "God of Darkness" and attempted to plunge his universe's planet Earth in the dark for all eternity. However, the gods of his world, with the help of the Olympians, managed to trap him inside a magical urn.

It was written that only a very powerful witch, at a unique moment, could open the urn and free Supai. The Fates knew this one witch was Yzma. However, nothing worked as expected, as Yzma happened to be far crazier than what the Fates (and the Friends) had expected, and preferred trying to take over the kingdom than regaining her youth as the Friends had hoped she would. Despite knowing about him, she didn't care at all for Supai, who after Yzma's demise was completely forgotten. He then woke up in the Wasteland, as a forgotten character. There, he served (and continues to serve) as a Devil to help the Friends; he is responsible for the Mad Doctor switching side, and the deals made with the evil Shady Sides

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Supai's only weakness, when he was a god, was the sun's light. However, this weakness can no longer be used against him, as the light seen in Wasteland is not the product of the Sun but an effect of Yen Sid's magic. Fortunately, his status of forgotten character also means that he lost the powers of traveling from a world to another. 

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