Taurus bulba

Taurus Bulba

As perhaps the most ruthless villain in Darkwing's universe, the Friends were never going to ignore Taurus Bulba. However, it was determined early on that Bulba was too independent to work for the Friends directely. As such, the Friends took a more subtle route with Bulba, making sure his schemes went smoothly (for example, making sure no one noticed Bulba's special prison cell/hideout.) After all, a bit more pain and suffering in the world is always a plus in the Friends' view, and they were hoping Bulba would eliminate Darkwing Duck before he became too much of a threat. After the Waddlemeyer Ramrod incident, the Friends influenced FOWL to rebuild Bulba as a cyborg. This served a twofold purpose-to put a useful chess piece back on the board, and to see if Bulba could be influenced by promises of further power. In the end, it confirmed that Taurus "worked for no one but himself!" but the Friends still have hope-their current plan involves promising Bulba his old organic body back.

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