The Blue Fairy
The Blue Fairy

Real Name





High Council of Heroes


Alive, working with High Council

The Blue Fairy is a fairy affiliated with the High Council, usually living in the Pinocchio world.

Bigraphy and descriptionEdit

One of the Wish Granters, she is usually sent by the High Council to grant the wishes of downtrodden folk, like Geppeto, to prevent them from being easy targets for the Devils. Just like the other Wish Granters, her magic can only do so much on its own. In the end, those she helps have to give themselves a happy ending.

On one assignment given to her by the High Council, she went to a certain desolate world and gave a certain robot a soul, sending him on an adventure...

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Her magic seems to give inanimate objects a life of their own, as seen in Pinocchio and later WALL-E's cases.

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