The Thinner, also known as Dip is a magical weapon.

History and descriptionEdit

Thinner is a magical fluid created by Yen Sid; it is the natural counterpart to Paint. While Yen Sid's magical Paint holds the power to create, give life or restore, the Thinner destroys and erases. When used on solid structures, it erases them, but outlines are left behind, indicating Paint can be used to replace them. The same does not seem to apply to the Blotlings, drippings of the Shadow Blot, as it kills them with enough of a dose. Sad to say, it is also the case of Toons, who can be slowly and painfully dissolved if thrown into thinner (though they are more resistant than Blotlings to a stream of thinner fired at them).

Shortly after Yen Sid created the Wasteland using his Paint and his Thinner, of which he has large supplies, a mischievous Mickey Mouse lurked into his workshop and goofed around with Yen Sid's tools, accidentally spilling insane amounts of Thinner onto the Wasteland, as well as creating the Shadow Blot. A Thinner Ocean and Thinner Pools have now replaced normal bodies of water in Wasteland — it is naturally deadly to fall into them for a toon, and not all that healthy for regular beings, too.

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