The Titans
The Catastrophes




Friends on the Other Side


trapped on the Other Side.



The Titans are gods originally from Mount Olympus.

Description and biographyEdit

Like the Firebird and Chronos, the Titans were from the first generation of gods and were born at the same time as the multiverse itself. They were elemental gods with a bad temper, and they nearly ruined the world in which they lived (the Hercules world), which led their "nephew" Zeus, son of Chronos, to arrest them and put them into a magical jail of which they were to be never released. This is when the Friends on the Other Side interfered for the first time with the five hot-tempered gods, using their anger against Zeus to make them join their side. They eventually succeeded, but the Friends weren't powerful enough to free their new worshippers, and had to ask Hades to fulfill that task.


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