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Ice Titan




Friends on the Other Side


trapped on the Other Side.



(TBC), then sent them on their way to Mt. Olympus, only for them to be sealed away by Zeus into the Other Side during the Olympian War. Although in the movie, the Titans had a brutish, stupid pesonality, they were only Obfuscating Stupidity. They're every bit as intelligent as the Gods who imprisoned them, they just like acting stupid to please Hades. Only the cyclops Arges himself actually is stupid. Hades eventually released them to join his coup to take over Mount Olympus, but Hercules used Stratos, who looked and behaved like a tornado, to suck up the other titans and then threw them all into space. Zeus then sealed them back on the Other Side, this time more securely.

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Five of the voodo masks in The Princess and the Frog were these titans. The sixth was the Jabberwock.
Lava Titan
Rock Titan
Wind Titan

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