Toon Town Street
A street of Toontown

Home world

Eddie Valiant world

Type of location



Magically created by the High Council. Also used by the Friends, though.


Safe spot where neither the High Council and the Friends fight, for the sake of information.

Toontown is a magically-created city located in the Eddie Valiant world.

Description and historyEdit

In the first times of the war, everything was very chaotic because nobody had a overall picture of the battles. Many days could pass before the High Council was informed of a victory of the Friends in a given world, and vice-versa. When cinematography was discovered in the nearly magicless Eddie Valiant world, the High Council decided to create a magical city there where the agents of both side could come to reconstruct all the important events of the war under the form of pictures. The Friends were apparently keen on the idea, but the High Council feared some treason and cast a very powerful spell on the city, which allowed anybody in Toontown to avoid physical laws, and subsequently to survive any injury. This would expand also to characters entering the rest of the Eddie Valiant world through Toontown itself. 

However, after a few decades, the friends discovered that the nature of the spell was to make any given fabric in Toontown behave like magical paint. This doesn't mean that the characters were literally made of paint; but they resisted any injury because paint is naturally liquid. The Friends created a Magical Thinner known as Dip, hoping that it would destroy the High Council's paint. It worked, so they sent an ax-crazy Friend known as Doom to Toontown, with the mission of erasing it from existence, including all the High Council agents who were in Toontown at the moment. However, Doom could not avoid the High Council's magic and once he entered Toontown was himself turned into a Toon, which allowed him to be destroyed using his own Dip. 

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