The Travelers are a special type of wizards. They have grown common among the multiverse

Description and historyEdit

A Traveler's main power is that he's able to skip from one world to another without using any portal or a magical artifact. This power can be granted by using any type of magic, all that is needed is knowledge of the right incantation and a huge quantity of the chosen magic. Chernabog  was the first one to discover this incantation and to use it, making him the first Traveler ever, but he was soon joined by the Olympians, who discovered the incantation a little later. 

Nowaday, the Travelers are a specific type of agent of both sides. They are mostly used as spies. 

List of notable TravelersEdit

Friends on the Other SideEdit

Chernabog — The first one to discover how to become a Traveler, he lost this status when Zeus created a barrier that stops it from working. 

Percival McLeach — A former human being, non-client of the Friends but used as a tool by them, and definitely evil anyway. After his death, they decided to use his poaching skills to bring some chaos in the Disney Multiverse, by having him catching some animals in some worlds and releasing them in others. McLeach is responsible for a lot of cameos and guest-appearances in Disney medias. 

Australian Crocodiles — Minor Devils temporarily shapeshifted into voracious crocodiles and granted Traveler powers to help Percival while he was still alive.

Various imps — These minor minions were transformed into travelers by Chernabog so he could use them as spies without revealing them the site of portals, which wouldn't be very careful given the betraying nature of devils. 

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