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The trident is a three-pronged spear that was the weapon of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. It was passed down to his son, King Triton and has since then been his signature weapon. Only Triton and his descendants can remove it from its resting place.

Background Edit

During the first Disney War, Poseidon made the trident from celestial gold and wielded it as a weapon against the armies of the Devils. When the war ended, he passed it on to his son Triton and later had someone forge another trident for himself. Ursula greatly covets this powerful weapon and stole it once to wreak havoc in the oceans and destroy Prince Eric and Ariel. Thankfully, King Triton made a decree that only he or his descendants can remove the trident from its resting place, though Morgana, Ursula's sister once stole it in in an attempt to seize the undersea kingdom.

As seen in many other Disney shows, there are possibly many other tridents out there. But their powers are no match for that of King Triton's signature weapon.

Powers Edit

The trident has vast magical powers that depend on the will of the user, with most of its powers relating to water, sea storms and ice. The trident, when activated, can fire energy bolts as a basic attack. These energy bolts must be fired immediately or else they might backfire on the user. King Triton used it to transform Ariel into a human once.

Poseidon's trident also has water related powers. It is said to be sharp enough to pierce the skin of a god.

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