Known as the Father of all Monsters, Typhon was the father of The Hydra and Cerberus , as well as the Nemean Lion, a Scar clone. Long ago, he was sealed under Mount Aetna by Zeus and Hera not long after Zeus defeated the other 4 Titans during the Olympian War. He was accidentally released by Hercules when he was fighting Typhon's wife, Echidna. He seems to suffer from chronic headaches due to all the years he spent under Mount Etna. Out of all the titans, Typhon is the only one who actually has some common sense on how to plan their evil schemes. He was eventually defeated and sent to the other side once again, where he was reunited with the Titans, Cronus, and Chernabog. Now, Typhon is the current head of the Devils's Genetic Experiment Division , which also includes many X-Men enemies and incarnations of Xehanort.

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