Ursula the Sea Witch

Ursula the Sea Witch

Ursula is a member of the Devils' Inner Circle of Clients, and one of the heads of their Undersea Naval Divison.

History and DescriptionEdit

Like another of the Devils' notable clients, Facilier, Ursula lures innocents in with promises of a better life, only to cheat on them by twisting the terms of the contract and ensuring they fail to pay her back in time. Unlike Facilier however, Ursula had managed to pay off her debt and by the time of the movie was using the souls to gain power for herself rather than give to the Friends, hence why her "garden" reverts back to normal instead of everyone going to the Other Side. She planned to give all those souls to the Friends once she had obtained Triton's power, which is why they allowed her to withhold them. Upon her death at the hands of Prince Eric's sunken ship, she joined the Inner Circle due to her skill at obtaining souls.

Her eel minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, were normal eels enchanted with Dark Magic by the Friends and twisted into Second-Class Agents as a reward for her successful collecting business.

The Nautilus conch shell she wears around her neck was originally a gift from Poseidon to rule half of the seas of Atlantica as adviser to Poseidon's son King Triton. However, Ursula's greed for power tainted the shell's inner core with darkness, and it was transformed into a Dark Talisman capable of stealing valuable aspects from a person's being for storage within.