Venus is an animalistic humanoid goddess resembling a squirrel, from one of the worlds in the broader Disney Megaverse (to be specific, "Jason and the Gods of Olympus" from the Saban Multiverse). She was brought there by the Devils' carnage in the Far Edge, and their attempt at a being known as H.E.X.

Knowing she was stranded from her native multiverse, she trekked the Worlds-in-Between for answers on what happened to her. Her answers came in Wasteland, thanks to the Dreaming Tree's remark about her having been "some acquisition" and that she "reminded him of a Roman goddess." Venus then looked for contact information with the High Council of Heroes, who then recruited her to inform them about the Megaverse, and try to keep it safe. Her discoveries about the Megaverse were rather shocking.

For one, several worlds there had no magic at all, or even the possibility of magic! Some were so eldritch in structure they couldn't possibly be accessed without special equipment, some were worlds where different kinds of good and evil existed. Other than keeping track of the Megaverse, both sides have chosen to ignore it because of the difficulty of using it. Today, she operates on Mount Olympus as an expert explorer, investigating obscure corners of the Multiverse.

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