Winifred (Chip n' Dale)
"Hair today, gone tomorrow! Ahahahahaha!"

Other Names



Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers




Alive, working with the Friends

Winifred the Witch is a human of the C. C. C. world.

Description and biographyEdit

Winifred was originally a cleaner in a big library. This library contained a few books about Dark Magic and the Disney War… wait ? How did a small library like that… ? Why, blame it on the Friends on the Other Side, of course ! They had detected a great darkness in Winifred's heart, and wanted to lure her into a deal with them. Anyway, Winifred used the books to grant herself some small powers, although those powers weren't quite as great as a real client's; Winifred, however, fearing the Friends on the basis of her readings, started purchasing magical artifacts all around the world to make her more powerful, instead of making a deal with the Friends as they had expected. Since, besides indirectly her weak powers, nothing in her was really the Friends's fault in her, Foxglove the Bat was just an unrelated bat recruited by Winifred as a helper even though this particular bat wasn't sinister or related to the Devils at all. Since she had never been fully a villain, her heel-face turn came just as easily as that.

The Friends eventually decided that they were wrong: Winifred had no potential as a client, and they purely stopped to care about her, letting her to her fate of jail cleaner. However, they blamed part of "the Winifred failure" on Chip'n'Dale, and this ensured them that it was necessary to send them some much more sinister foes

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