Yen Sid
Fantasia-disneyscreencaps com-1883
The famous magician creating a butterfly.

Real Name



Any world he decides to go to. His origin remains unknown.


High Council of Heroes


Alive, working with the High Council

Yen Sid is a mysterious figure in the multiverse. Although he's obviously a human and not a god, nobody quite know where Yen Sid comes from. Nobody ever saw him young, and as far as the god themselves can remember, Yen Sid has always been this elderly, bearded magician we all know[1]. His powers are gigantic. Obviously, he has a wide access to the most powerful form of God Magic, but once more nobody quite knows why; being as powerful but wiser than Zeus himself, Yen Sid seems to be the most powerful character in the war. It's a good thing he's on the Good side… However, he denies the possibility of being the great hero who could defeat Chernabog and put an end to the war: he prefers to train the young and pure Mickey Mouse as his apprentice, and he is convinced that one day Mickey will surpass him thanks to his very special heart and his inner qualities.


  1. His counterpart in the Kingdom Hearts universe, though, is another matter entirely.

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