Yensid BBS

This Yen Sid is Yen Sid's counterpart in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Biography and descriptionEdit

Though he may not look like it, he is a skilled Keyblade master, and, as of this writing, was able to successfully train Riku to mastery himself in order to neutralize the Xehanort threat once and for all. Whether or not Sora and Kairi will follow in his footsteps is yet to be seen...

Powers and abilitiesEdit

In this incarnation, Yen Sid is more "well known" within the Disney Multiverse, and his wisdom is popularly known and respected. He has great magicalpowers and apparently also a special ability (which he shares with Merlin) to create gates to other worlds.


  • This Yen Sid was ironically the first to ever have spoken words, the original Yen Sid having got his first talking role later.  

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