Another Friend-worshipping race from the Star Wars universe, these were considered a much greater threat than the Trandoshans, Tusken Raiders, Dathomirian Zabraks, Hutts, and others, because at least those could have good members and had the properties of any other race in the galaxy. Yuuzhan Vong came from outside the universe and were beings of about 50% dark magic, having been crafted by one of the Devils. They could nullify the Force this way. During this period, the Star Wars universe wasn't quite filled with Disney magic and worked much like many Megaversal realms, allowing them to do far more damage than expected. During the restructure of the universe, they were placed into a limbo between the Wasteland and the gates of the Megaverse. The Evil Cheshire Cat unleashed them and enlisted them to his cause because he saw them vicious and worthy. They now form a powerful and oppressive force in the Wasteland.

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